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To effectively participate in this program, students must have reliable Internet access and a device that meets these requirements.

About the program

The part-time, online Payroll Management program is designed for payroll practitioners who wish to elevate their career. It is the next step for Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) certification holders looking to enter a management position. Payroll Managers are responsible for developing and implementing best practices within a payroll department, by monitoring, motivating, assessing, and supervising personnel. Often times they are also tasked with solving payroll challenges and designing and building payroll systems. As a Payroll Compliance Professional, this program will build on the foundation of your experience and knowledge by covering core management subjects such as decision-making and project management and areas of Human Resources. These areas of knowledge are essential to successful and effective leadership. Courses in the Payroll Management program prepare students for their Payroll Leadership Professional (PLP) designation with the National Payroll Institute.

Program information

All courses must be successfully completed within 2 years of acceptance into the program.

Course fees to complete this program total approximately *$2,500.00.

*This is the estimated amount for domestic students and may differ if students take equivalent courses. Fees are paid when registering for each individual course and are subject to change each term.

Admission requirements

  • Successful completion of Conestoga College's Payroll Administration program or an equivalent program from another institution recognized by the National Payroll Institute OR Payroll Compliance Professional certification through the National Payroll Institute.

  • Minimum of two years experience being responsible for an organization's payroll function, which includes being accountable to management for the accuracy of employees' pay and all government statutory remittances, or equivalent experience (obtained in the past five (5) years).

Note re: admission requirements

Students must submit a Payroll Experience Prerequisite Application (PEPA) and receive approval from the National Payroll Institute prior to enrolling in the Introduction to Payroll Management course.

Admission procedures

  • Submit a completed Conestoga College Program Application Form.
  • Submit a detailed resume outlining the work experience admission requirements. Upload resume to your application or email as an attachment to
  • Final selection is made following an assessment of the admission requirements.

Graduate opportunities

The CPM certification is a valuable credential providing the management skills needed by seasoned Payroll Compliance Practitioners (PCP) certification holders to advance their career in payroll management. LMI data predicts that by 2024 the number of local jobs for Payroll Managers will increase by 16% in the region.

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Program outcomes

  • Analyze the impact that payroll management in collaboration with other business units, such as HR, IT, and finance, play in an organization to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Interpret policies and procedures to contribute to the development and administration of a total rewards system to meet stakeholder's expectations.
  • Contribute to organizational strategic planning using a payroll management lens to ensure effective operations.
  • Use a variety of management strategies to increase organizational effectiveness and promote continuous quality improvement while maintaining compliance within a payroll unit.
  • Evaluate, implement, and maintain payroll processes and systems to comply with legislation and mitigate risk.

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