Continuing Education

Programs & Courses

Explore your options

Take one course or apply to a program and work towards a diploma, graduate certificate or college recognized credential.

Why take continuing education courses at Conestoga?

  • Flexible schedules
  • Professional development
  • Personal enrichment
  • Learn from industry experts
  • Keep up with technology advancements

Why apply to a program?

Applying to a program lets the college know you intend to complete the program as it is outlined in the program design. Choosing to apply to a program:

  • allows Conestoga to offer courses when you need them, and
  • ensures that courses you have successfully completed are applied to your credential even if the program outline changes.

Programs, courses and workshops

Programs are groups of courses that when combined lead to an academic credential or document of recognition. In order to obtain a credential and apply to graduate, program application is required.

Courses are learning experiences of varying lengths. Choose to register for an individual course on its own, or as part of a program to work towards a certification.

Workshops are short, results-driven and led by subject-matter experts in an interactive learning environment.

Delivery options

Classroom: Traditional instructor-led classes that requires you to attend one of our campuses.

Online: Course content is completed online with no required face-to-face interaction between students and instructors in most cases. There may be instances such as proctored exams and field placements that require you to attend an approved location.

Hybrid: A combination of classroom, online and independent study.