Volunteer Management Foundations – Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC) Approved

Code: VOLM1101

Course description

This course provides students with a broad overview of the necessary framework for a volunteer management program based on the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement and VMPC professional standards. The changing landscape of volunteerism in Canada, trends, volunteer motivation and the role of volunteer Board members in not-for-profit organizations are explored. Risk management, policies and procedures and the importance of organizational readiness is highlighted. There will be an opportunity to create policies and procedures and assess volunteer activities for risk. The role of a professional volunteer manager is discussed and assessed in relation to professional competencies and ethics. Students identify their own values and philosophy and its connection to volunteer management. This online course has a virtual classroom component that includes 5 or more sessions.

Course details

Hours: 42
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None

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Start Date
Start Date: Sep. 14, 2020
Delivery: Fully Online – eConestoga
Campus: Doon (Kitchener)
Cost: $307.50
End date: Dec. 6, 2020
Hours: 42
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Equivalent to: None

Registration dates

Winter 2021 registration opens November 2, 2020. Spring 2021 registration opens February 1, 2021.