Are you a planner, scheduler, operations or maintenance coordinator? This 2 course micro-credential equips maintenance management professionals with the skills to ensure all required maintenance work is done on the correct assets, at the right time, using appropriate resources and tools. Successful completion of this micro-credential meets equivalency requirements for 2 of 8 courses (Module 1 and Module 6) of the Maintenance Management Professional (MMP) program and qualifies individuals to apply for the Maintenance Work Management Certificate through PEMAC directly. Full description of the Maintenance Work Management Certificate and how to submit your course completion to PEMAC can be found here:

Completion Requirements

For successful completion of this micro-credential, students will successfully complete and pass all courses listed.



Awarded by the Registrar's Office to those who have successfully completed a defined list of related courses that focus on a specific competency. Typically less than 136 hours and include assessment. The quality criteria are determined by the college.


Visit your Student Portal to track your progress. When you have successfully completed the requirements, you can print your certificate.