Manufacturing Quality: Statistical Analysis

Recognition of Professional Development

Please note:

If you work for a manufacturing organization, 50% of the tuition may be covered by Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen).

Visit Upskill with NGen for details on this funding opportunity.


This micro-credential is aimed at applicant or incumbent front-line production workers in manufacturing facilities. The learning outcomes will provide the skills necessary to understand quality assurance tools specific to measurement, process capability, variation and statistical control. The courses in the micro-credential will be instructor led and completely online allowing participants the opportunity to work at their own pace from their home. The skills will be of value to production operators who wish to apply to other positions in a manufacturing environment such as quality control and inspection. The first course is a very introductory level math and statistics course to give students a foundation to understand more complex Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools. Further courses offer fundamentals in measurement error, gauge repeatability and reproducibility, process variation, capability and control. Courses in this micro-credential must be completed in the following sequence: STAT1000, QUAL1380, QUAL1390, QUAL1400. Students who successfully complete all four courses will receive a Recognition of Professional Development from Conestoga College.

Completion Requirements

For successful completion of this micro-credential, students will successfully complete and pass all courses listed.


Recognition of Professional Development

Awarded by the Registrar's Office to those who have successfully completed a defined list of related courses or workshops that focus on a specific discipline. Typically less than 136 hours and may or may not include formal assessment. The criteria are determined by the college.


Visit your student portal to track your progress. When you have successfully completed the requirements, you can print your certificate.