Community Care Nursing Skills

Recognition of Professional Development


This micro-credential will support registered nurses and registered practical nurses in acquiring additional knowledge and skills to support work in community and home healthcare settings. You will learn from experienced nursing faculty in active learning environments such as state-of-the-art nursing laboratories, or through online learning platforms. Specific subject areas include starting intravenous lines, venipuncture, central venous lines, and wound care practices. Emphasis is placed on nursing assessment, intervention, and care planning. Students who successfully complete all three courses will receive a Recognition of Professional Development from Conestoga College. Nursing students in final semesters of their program can enroll in courses.

Completion Requirements

For successful completion of this micro-credential, students will successfully complete and pass all courses listed.


Recognition of Professional Development

Awarded by the Registrar's Office to those who have successfully completed a defined list of related courses or workshops that focus on a specific discipline. Typically less than 136 hours and may or may not include formal assessment. The criteria are determined by the college.


Visit your student portal to track your progress. When you have successfully completed the requirements, you can print your certificate.