Course description

The Apparatus Equipped with a Fire Pump Course meets the knowledge and Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) established by the NFPA 1002 Standard for Fire Apparatus Driver-Operator Professional Qualifications Chapter 5, 2014 Edition. Pre-course readings and online assessment, lectures, discussions, tabletop simulations, case studies and skills practice to acheive learning objectives are all utilized throughout course delivery. Registrants in this course must complete pre-course work online through self-directed studies using the eConestoga platform ahead of the in-person delivery portion of the course. In-person training will be delivered at the Waterloo Region Emergency Services Training and Research Centre (WRESTRC). Note: Students must be present for all in-person training in order to complete the required skills sign offs. Upon successful completion of this course, each student will understand and be able to demonstrate the operation of a fire department pumper from both a static and pressurized source of water. To be eligible to write the provincial examinations of the Office of the Fire Marshal, the student must successfully complete all skills in the OFMFM's Fire Service Instructor 1 Skill Sheet Booklet. Provincial testing through the AS&E Unit with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management will be conducted at the conclusion of the course. Students that successfully complete the testing will receive certification. Note: students are only eligible to write the provincial exam and complete the practicial testing for the OFM if they are actively employed with a fire department. All students will complete the Conestoga final exam and practicial testing. Those are all not eligible to complete the OFM testing at the time they take the course will still have their signed skill-sheets on record to allow them to write/test at a later date if/when they become eligible. Prerequisite: Valid DZ Licence Proof of a valid DZ Licence must be presented to the instructor at the commencement of the class. Students that fail to provide the proper documentation will not be eligible to attend the course.

Course details

Hours: 40
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None

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