Course description

This course will deepen the student’s knowledge of person-centered care for the medically complex client living in the community setting. The student will gain a deeper knowledge of concepts of aging in place, transitions in care, and ethical considerations as they pertain to providing care in the community. This course will also broaden the student’s understanding of the social determinants of health and health inequities influence on community care. The palliative component of the course prepares the student to provide culturally relevant palliative and end-of-life care to support clients, families, and significant others. Concepts of loss and grief, non-pharmacological person-centered comfort measures, and the rights of the client, family and significant other in decision making related to goals of care will be explored. The PSW student will explore the role in providing person-centered care for the palliative client, including the process of dying and preparation for death with an emphasis on the use of evidence-based assessment tools, observation, reporting and collaboration with the interprofessional team. The PSW student will have an opportunity to explore their own ideas and experiences with death and dying in preparation for their role as a care provider. Integrated within this course is the introductory certification of Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care* and Gentle Persuasive Approach.

Course details

Hours: 68
Credits: 5
Prerequisites: PSW1315 PSW1365 PSW1375
Corequisites: None

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Start Date: Nov. 14, 2022
End date: Dec. 17, 2022
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Campus: Online
Cost: $592.92

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