Course description

This course introduces students to Server-Side Programming, with Node.js implementing several modules such as Express, Mongoose, Sequelize, Multer, Client-Sessions etc. Learn how to create Express Servers and routes, how to store persistent data retrieve from forms, how to create sessions, and how to apply authorization and authorization. Students will also be introduced to Angular and learn how to create well-designed apps with persistent data, authentication, and authorization.

Course details

Hours: 56
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: OLRN1054 OLRN1578
Corequisites: None

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Start Date: Jan. 10, 2023
End date: Apr. 18, 2023
Campus: Online
Cost: $502.92

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Winter 2023 registration opens November 28, 2022. Spring 2023 registration opens February 27, 2023.

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