Clinical Experience-Pre-Birth/Birth/ Post-Birth

Code: NURS8930

Course description

Admission: Must be a Perinatal Nursing program student with completion of all prerequisites. The student will select an area in which they will apply the skills reviewed in the perinatal courses. The student may select to teach a childbirth education class, a breastfeeding class, or attend an antenatal clinic setting such as a midwifery clinic. The student will engage in and maintain a one-on-one experience in the nursing management of a woman in both a vaginal and caesarean birth. A preceptorship model will be utilized and it is recommended that this be completed in an environment other than the students place of employment. This course is part of the Perinatal Nursing program.

Course details

Hours: 90
Credits: 3
Fall 2019 registration opens July 8, 2019. Winter 2020 registration opens November 4, 2019.