Course description

Admission: Completion of Health History and Immunization. This course will build on the principles of successful breastfeeding. The nurse will develop expertise in supporting, protecting and promoting breastfeeding in unique and challenging situations related to maternal and infant health. Application to IBCLC for approval of this course has been made. The ten units of stdy are: Principles of Successful Breastfeeding, Challenges with Milk Supply and INfant Growth, Maternal Health Challenges, Infant Health Challenges, Breastfeeding in Unique Situations, The Relationship between Medication and Lactation, The Relationship between alternative therapies and breastfeeding, Human Milk Banking and The End of the Breastfeeding Relationship and the Preparation for the Lactation Consultant Examination.

Course details

Hours: 40
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: NURS8595
Corequisites: None

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