Integrated Marketing Communications II

Code: MKT1460

Course description

The world of advertising and promotion has changed dramatically with recent advancements in technology coupled with the pressure on organizations to meet the needs of many different target audiences. Marketers need to look beyond the traditional media to find new and better ways to communicate with their customer. Furthermore, marketers expect their promotional dollars to generate immediate sales and overall a positive return on investment. In this course students will build on and expand their knowledge in the areas of: Sales Promotion, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Internet and Interactive Media. The course will focus on showing students how to utilize these tactics to capture the attention of the intended target market, communicate the planned message to generate a reaction.

Course details

Hours: 56
Credits: 4
Prerequisites: MKT1420 OLRN1541
Corequisites: None

Registration dates

Winter 2021 registration opens November 2, 2020. Spring 2021 registration opens February 1, 2021.