Guitar Repair and Design Level II

Code: GINT0272

Course description

Building on the skills acquired in the Level 1 training, Level 2 studies will include a complete re-fret of the bound fingerboard and / or electric bass conversion: fretted to fretless (depending on the needs of the students); safe removal of acoustic guitar bridges and fabrication of a new bridge from a rosewood / ebony blank, calculating compensation for intonation and slotting the new bridge for saddle placement, compensated nuts / saddles fabricated from bone blank, acoustic guitar fingerboard / neck removal, broken head-stock ( splicing ) repair and touch-up; repair and replacement of loose braces; fabrication and installation of cross-grain quarter-sawn splices for repair of cracks and fractures, a study of hide glue and it's practical applications, french polish/lacquer-stick for fret repair touch up, installation of an on-board acoustic-electric system; basic practical soldering and wiring tips for pick-up replacement, input jacks, volume and tone controls. Workstations and hand tools will be supplied for the duration of the course.A detailed step-by-step analysis of compensated nut fabrication is now also included in the Level 2 curriculum. Students will be shown how to calculate and fabricate a compensated nut for all of the various scale lengths and fingerboard radius choices; from a blank of bone or tusq to the finished / precisely calculated nut. The Level 2 will be influenced, to a degree, by the projects that each individual student brings to the table. This allows each group of students to steer the curriculum to address their own particular needs. Study with Dwayne King, owner of The Guitar Corner.

Course details

Hours: 21
Credits: 0
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Start Date
Start Date: Mar. 23, 2019
Day/Time: Sat. 9:00am – 12:30pm
Delivery: Classroom
Campus: Doon (Kitchener)
Cost: $899.99
End date: Apr. 27, 2019
Hours: 21
Credits: 0
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Equivalent to: None
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