Between Farm and Table: Local Food Businesses and Cooperatives

Code: FOOD1430

Course description

This course will offer you an exploration of the plethora of local food enterprises emerging across Canada. You will examine innovative models such as cooperatives, non-profit partnerships, and social enterprise models. You will also look at how more conventional businesses, such as grocery-store retailers, restaurants, and food processors, are important local food options.Throughout the course modules, you will investigate the what, how and why of local food business and its infrastructure. You will: explore definitions and models; survey the historical and socio-economic context; and comprehend the mandate of and the development of the enterprises within local food systems. In addition, you will develop creative and practical assignments on the development of food businesses in your area.From field to factory to storage room to fork, this course will trace what is necessary to create a strong, vibrant, socially just-yet profitable-local food system.

Course details

Hours: 45
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None

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