Practicum Seminar (Career Development Practitioner Program)

Code: CARD8070

Course description

This course will build on the foundation of the knowledge and skills taught in other courses in the program and will encourage students to begin to integrate and apply what they have learned. The focus will be going in-depth in the areas of the student's own interest to further develop the components of professional counselling practice. Also, considered will be various organizational settings and trends where students may choose to practice their skills.

Course details

Hours: 42
Credits: 3
Corequisites: None
Start Date
Start Date: Sep. 8, 2020
Delivery: Fully Online – eConestoga
Campus: Doon (Kitchener)
Cost: $333.48
End date: Dec. 18, 2020
Hours: 42
Credits: 3
Corequisites: None
Equivalent to: None

Registration dates

Winter 2021 registration opens November 2, 2020. Spring 2021 registration opens February 1, 2021.