Dental Science and Insurance Practice

Code: ADMN2035

Course description

This course will build upon learning that has taken place in Medical Office Administration I. The student will learn dental specific terminology, tooth identification systems, and further develop skills enabling him/her to read, understand and transcribe information and symbols on client records such as prescriptions, odontograms, and treatment records. The course will include an orientation to common dental diseases, dental procedures, and preventative dentistry and provide sufficient information for basic employer-directed preventative health teaching of dental clients. Insurance practices and procedures will be discussed from both the role of the health office administrator employed in a dental health office and the role of a health office administrator employed within the dental/medical insurance industry.

Course details

Hours: 42
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: ADMN1135
Corequisites: None
Fall 2019 registration opens July 8, 2019. Winter 2020 registration opens November 4, 2019.